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Updated 3rd. MAY 2014

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B+I Line A 3 minute video of the M.V. Innisfallen in Swansea and Cork.
The M.V. Leinster in Trafalgar dock Liverpool and at Dublin ferry terminal.
The M.V. Munster and the M.V. Leinster passing at sea.

All 1970s.

B+I SHIPS 1970s.wmv

3 minutes (47MB)
The following Videos are by Colm Fynes (Former 2nd Engineer B+I )

Visit Colm's page at

MV Leinster January 1986.avi

12 minutes (72MB)

MV Leinster Janurary 1989.avi

16 minutes (108MB)
In 1991 the MV. Kilkenny sank after a collision in Dublin bay with the
M.V. Hasselwerder
 3 seamen lost their lives that night.
The following video is
 Colm's tribute to them.>>>

MV Kilkenny April 1986.avi

15 minutes (98MB)


Dublin Port

Dublin port pilot boat "Liffey"in Dublin bay in a force 9 gale
23rd.May 2011>>>
©Robbie Cox

Dublin pilot.wmv (4MB)

Dublin port pilot boat in Dublin bay 20th.Feb.2011>>>

©Robbie Cox

Dublin port pilot.wmv
Cruise ship Queen Victoria departs Dublin port
24th.May 2011>>>
©Robbie Cox
Queen Victoria.wmv
Photo montage of Dublin port tug-boats
©Robbie Cox

Dublin port tugs.wmv
Photo montage of Grand Canal Dublin from Yesterday and Today>>>
©Robbie Cox

Grand Canal-Yeserday and today.wmv



Irish Lights/1977 Spit head review.wmv


Ship Videos/Dublin port tug 2006.wmv


Ship Videos/Haul Transporter Dublin 06.wmv

Ship Videos/Dublin river Taxi .wmv


1977 Spithead Review including Irishlight ship 
"Granuaile" and her crew.
Eddie Duffy 2009
Dublin Port 9-1-06 Dublin Port 9-1-06 Dublin city quays 3-6-06
Passing Dublin ferryport 9th.Jan.2006 19.50hr..wmv
Taken from the M.V.Ulysses as she left Dublin port for the last time under an Irish flag

M.V.Inishmore departs Dublin

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Irish Shipping Limited

M.V.Irish Pine 1979

Videos and commentary by Gerry McGovern.

The Following videos are a record of Gerry McGovern's voyage to the far east on board the Irish Pine in 1979

Irish Pine 1979.wmv

Heavy weather.wmv
King Neptune.wmv
Loading lumber in Indonesia.wmv

Sailing up to the Panama Canal.wmv

Through the Panama Canal.wmv

Suez Canal.wmv

Monkey business.wmv


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Irish Ferries Ltd.
MV. Ulysses MES and lifeboat drill 9th.January 2006

MV.Ulysses MES Drill MV.Ulysses Lifrboat drill MV.Ulysses rescue boat launch


M.V.Ulysses lifeboat launch 9-1-06.wmv

M.V.Ulysses Fast Craft deployment 9th.Janaury06.wmv

Jonathan Swift at sea 
17th.November 2005
Jonathan Swift
Dublin to Holyhead 2005
A film by Andrew Doyle
M.V.Normandy and Severn Fisher Collision
On Tuesday morning the 11th. of January 2005 with winds of 80mph blowing across the dock the M.V.Normandy, berthed outside the building dock at H&W Belfast, lost her stern mooring line, the gangway snapped and broke, and the ship was pushed across her berth towards the Severn Fisher docked opposite

Jonathan Swift 2005.wmv


FS.Jonathan Swift.wmv


MV Normandy collison 05.wmv
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Dry Docks

M. V. Inishmore and the Jonathan Swift in 
H & W dry-dock January 2007
Video and Stills ©Derry Walsh 2007
MV.Ulysses dry dock 2006 MV.ulysses and Jonathan Swift dry dock in Belfast 2005 MV.Ulysses dry dock
2004 part 1
MV.Ulysses dry dock
2004 part 2

HW Drydock 2007.wmv

Ulysses dry dock 2006.wmv

Irish Ferries Belfast 2005.wmv

MV Ulysses dry dock
2004 P1.wmv

MV Ulysses dry dock 2004 --- Part 2.wmv


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