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Cu Na Mara ( Hound of the Sea)
Ran from 1980 to 1982


The jetfoil was sold to a company in Japan in 1985 and renamed the Ginga.
Here she is in 2007.>>>

Jetfoil- Japan.wmv
Jetfoil 1981-2
Photos from Eddie Meade
(November 2011)
Eddie Meade. Catherine Flood, ,Gay Bunty, Patricia Gray. Eddie Meade, Laura Constintine, Catherine Flood. Eddie Meade, Laura Constintine, Catherine Flood. Carol. Eddie Meade
Mary O Toole,
 Eddie Meade.
Mary O Toole,
 Eddie Meade.
Carol, Eddie Meade Snr.j, G.Bunty Carol, Tony Hutton, G.Bunty Carol, G.Bunty Eddie Meade
Eddie Russell.
Cathering Flood, Laura Constintine.
Dave Tighe. Eddie Russell, Joe Beggs, Eddie Meade. Eddie Russell,  Pauline. Eddie Russell Gerry Beggs, Damien Offer. Gerry Beggs ,John Mc Weeney. Gerry Beggs.
Jimmy Hanlon, Catherine Flood, Stephen Gerry Beggs, Damien Offer. Laura Constentine, Catherine Flood, Jimmy Hanlon Stephen, Gerry Beggs. Joe Beggs, Dave Tighe. Laura Constentine, Gerry Beggs. Mary O Toole, Eddie Meade, Marie Meade. Pauline and Tina. Pauline.


Jetfoil 1981-2
Photos from Maureen Duffy
(August 2011)
Jet Foil crew -Lifeboat ticket Dun-Laoghaire 1980-S.Keogh-C.Flood-G.Beggs-E.Meade-Damien-Patricta Gray-John McWeeney-J.Hanlon- Jetfoil 1980-Maureen Duffy-Eddie Russell-Gerry Beggs. JetFoil crew-Laura-Maureen-Tina-Pauline. Jetfoil-Eddie Russell-Laura Contistine -20-8-1980 JetFoil-Gerry-Damien-Eddie-Danny-Maureen-Maria JetFoil-Laura Contistine-Maureen Duffy.
Jetfoil-Maureen-Eddie-Sandra-. Lanna Constintine. Laura Contistine-Gerry Beggs
Maureen (Dorgan) Duffy-Eddie Russell Maureen Duffy and Laura -Jet Foil
Maureen Duffy -Eddie Russell-Jet Foil-
Maureen Duffy-Mick Duffy-Maria-


Jetfoil Passenger Brochures and safely information
(Eddie Meade 2011)

Jetfoil Brochure.pdf

Jetfoil High Speed Passanger Service 1.pdf

Jetfoil Evacuation 1.pdf




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