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IRISH POPLAR 1941-49 IRISH POPLAR(2)1956-72.


At Sea, bound from Geelong to Dublin, Christmas Day 1958.

The four apprentices (l to r): Andy Dunne,
Joseph McPolin,
Jimmy Coady, Tony “Clem” Clements.

Photo Tony Clements.

"The man that you have listed as ‘unknown’ (second from the left) in the photo of the four apprentices on the Irish Poplar  is my father Capt. Joseph McPolin.
 He passed away in 1980 in his 40’s when I was 2."
 My Grandfather Capt. Bernard Reilly and my uncle James Reilly also sailed with I.S.L. 
My Sister and I were also named after Irish ships as I myself am named for the naval vessel the L.E. Emer and my sister is named after the Irish Heather so the seafaring tradition lives on in our names
Thank you to Tony Clements for providing me with a wonderful memory of my father  from his days at sea

Emer McPolin
February 2014

Joseph McPolin

Photo Emer McPolin

Joseph McPolin

Photo Emer McPolin



Irish Poplar 1970s
Liam Gavin
(February 2014)

Irish Poplar at Buenos Aires February 1972. Left to Right: Deck Cadets Eugene Curry, Mick Cronin, K Lawless, Paul Miley, Ch Officer Brendan Hearne, 2nd Off Freddy Kirk, Back row Deck cadet Liam Gavin.

Irish Poplar at Ghana West Africa Left to Right Deck Cadets :Mick Ryan Kiarain Daly & Liam Gavin.
Irish Poplar 1962
Aidan Kehoe
(April 2013)>>>>
  E. Greavy 2nd Offr., J. Mc Carthy AB, Irish Poplar 1962
Irish Poplar
Richard Saunders
(April 2010)
Irish Poplar with the Pine and the Alder berthed behind.
Dublin 1961
Irish Poplar 1966
Dublin  to New York
Gobi bear, E.Hensey, J.Deegan
Irish Poplar 1966
E.Hensey, J.Deegan
Irish Poplar 1968
Irish Poplar 1957
Gerry O'Sullivan
(November 2011)

Poplar in Singapore 1957

Poplar 1957
Irish Poplar 1972
Sean O'Byrne
(August 2011)



Photos from 
Eamonn Frampton
  Irish Poplar North Atlantic Nov. 1968.   M. Russell 1970'.  
Photos and comments from Tony Clements



Welland Canal St.Lawrence Seaway, May 1961

A study in baggy trousers! The Master Capt. Simms 
(on the right) with the two pilots

Sunset on Lake Superior , May 1961


The grain berth, Lakehead, Thunder Bay
Lake Superior , May 1961.

At the berth on the other side of the elevator, the “Irish Oak” was loading!


Drifting off the Bahamas, (bound Houston), and waiting for a tow into Fort Lauderdale, Florida for repairs (seawater in boilers?), April 1958. (back row, l to r): unknown, unknown, Willie Cummins (Apprentice), unknown.

(front row, l to r): Tony “Clem” Clements (Apprentice), unknown, unknown, Jimmy Coady (Apprentice).



Fort Lauderdale, April 1958.

(l to r): J. Coffee, AB and the Chippy (Name unknown).

Houston, April 1958.

Eddie Duffy (AB?).

At sea, bound for East Pakistan (as it was then, now Bangladesh), May 1958.

Lifeboat drill with, as per what I wrote on back of photo, “the 3rd. Mate advancing towards me to ask what I meant by taking photos during boat drill”!

Names unknown except for Mick Murphy, AB, second from right. He was from Arklow, if I remember correctly. First on the left is the deckboy.

At sea, May 1958.

Willie Cummins with his arm in a sling after falling off a masthouse.

At sea, May 1958.

Willie Cummins with the Master’s daughter. Master was Capt. E.C. G. Horne.

At sea, May 1958.

Names unknown except for one. L to r: Bosun, seaman, Chippy, Apprentice (Jimmy Coady), seaman, fireman and seaman.
Port Said, May 1958.

Chief Officer, J. A. Gleeson.






Port Said, May 1958.

Deckboy with guards (no, he wasn’t being arrested!).






Chittagong, June 1958.

Willie Cummins.






London, August 1958.

The four apprentices, (l to r): “Red” O’Carroll, Jimmy Coady, Wille Cummins, Tony “Clem” Clements.




At Sea, bound from Geelong to Dublin, Christmas Day 1958.

Most names unknown. 4th from left: the Master, Capt J. Poole, 5th from left the Chief Officer?, 1st from right: Chief Steward? Kneeling, middle front: Jimmy Coady (Apprentice) right: Andy Dunne (Apprentice)..

At Sea, bound from Geelong to Dublin, Christmas Day 1958.

(from l to r): R/O?, unknown, the Master, Capt. J. Poole, 3rd Mate?, Chief Officer?, unknown, unknown. Kneeling (l to r) three apprentices: Tony “Clem” Clements, Andy Dunne, Jimmy Coady.


Dakar (for bunkers), bound Geelong to Dublin, December 1958. (We had already stopped at Fremantle and Durban for bunkers since leaving Geelong).

(l to r): unknown, unknown, Mike Murphy, 2nd. Mate (name unkown), unknown, Paddy Crane (AB).

Mobile, Alabama, February 1959. (l to r): Andy Dunne (Apprentice), unknown, Tony “Clem” Clements, unknown.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, with Diamond Head in the background, March 1959. A bunker stop when bound Mobile to Shimizu, Japan.

Three apprentices, l to r: Andy Dunne, Steve Dallaghan, Tony “Clem” Clements.


Honolulu, March 1959.

Apprentice on the left (name unknown) and unknown (maybe R/O?) on right.




The grain berth, Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

(l to r): Steve Dallaghan (apprentice), Paddy Crane (AB).



At Sea, bound Suez Canal from Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

The four apprentices (l to r): Andy Dunne, Tony “Clem” Clements (with ship’s cat), Steve Dallaghan and Jimmy Coady.

At the beach (it was right next to the grain berth), Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

(l to r): unknown, unknown, Tony “Clem” Clements, Jimmy Coady.


At Sea, bound Suez Canal from Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

Ship’s cat



At Sea, bound Suez Canal from Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

Chief Steward (name unknown) with Mikie Poole, son of the Master, Capt. J. Poole.


At Sea, bound Suez Canal from Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

Simon Weaver (with model schooner he had made) and Mikie Poole, son of the Master, Capt. J. Poole.

    At Sea, bound Suez Canal from Geraldton, Western Australia, April 1959.

(l to r): Paddy Kinsella and Paddy Crane.

Dublin Bay, January 1959.

Waiting for the pilot to come across from the pilot cutter.



  D O'Rourke off the Azores, Irish Poplar 1969.   North Atlantic 1969.    
"The lad leaning on the rail his name is Archie Kavanagh from dublin, the skinny guy in the middle standing is myself Donal O'Leary, the guy sitting is Derek  an AB from dublin, I dont recall the name of the lad fishing. 
Its great to remember old mates that I sailed with and if there is ever a reunion organised I would love to go".  
Donal O'Leary- Kinsale Co.Cork

 4th.January 2006

Irish Poplar in Montevideo, Uruguay 1972 prior to her last voyage back to Dublin when she was sold onto the Greeks. 
L to R E.Malone, S.McLoughlin,
O.Prunty, P.Shortall and J.Denham.

Photo from Owen Prunty

This 1968 picture of the barber on the Poplar is Mick Thullier, dayworking donkeyman, and his nephew Derry O'Rourke, probably 4th. Engineer at the time.

 Don Menzies




The ship is the Irish Poplar, the bridge in the background is the Barrow  Bridge where the Barrow and the Suir meet to flow out the estuary, the  location of the photograph is Cheek point, the date is a little more  tricky. Looking into the background the Great Island E.S.B. generating  station is not yet built and that dates it prior to the early 1960's. The  Poplar was registered in Waterford and was the main caller to the port;
 therefore we can be reasonably sure it is she. There is not any way of  telling the difference between her and the Spruce; I sailed on both in  the capacity of electrician.

info from Edward Griffin and Don Menzies.


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