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    IRISH PLANE 1941-7. IRISH PLANE(2) 1950-60. IRISH PLANE(3)1963-76.    


Irish Plane 1962-3
Aidan Kehoe
(May 2013)
2nd Officer Dave Warner Irish Plane 1963 Irish Plane Timber Deckcargo of Timber, Victoria B.C. 1964 Gary O'Neill AB, Eamon Doyle Deck Apprentice, Jim Kealy A.B Irish Plane 1963
Irish Plane 1962-3
Aidan Kehoe
(April 2013)
Aidan Kehoe,
Deck Apprentice
Irish Plane 1963.
AB Gary O'Neill, AB (DBS) A. Sharples, AB Jim Kealy.
 Chippy E. Mahony.
AB. B. Murnane and Dk. Appr. Tony Dillon painting the
Irish Plane alongside Vancouvre B.C. Dec.1963


Irish Plane at sea 1971
Sean O'Byrne
  W.FARRELL WAGES Irish Plane 1958 ER Cadets 1969-72 Visit Irish Plane 1970 Irish Plane Casablanca 74' Irish Plane Deck Cadet 1971 This photo is probably from 1945 or 46 as the ship still has a wartime raft in her rigging on her starboard side.  The Irish Plane depicted in photo ran aground near Ballycotton, Co Cork after her steering gear failed in a gale and she grounded becoming a total loss on 1st February 1947. All of the  crew were rescued by breeches buoy.

Jim Kelly - May 2013




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