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  IRISH ELM 1941-45. IRISH ELM(2) 1953-63 IRISH ELM(3)1968-79.  

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Irish Elm Keel Laying and construction 1966/7-Photos and info Jim Whyte (May 2018)

1966    09 July   Keel laid at Verolme Cork Dockyard Rushbrooke Co Cork.
1967    28 Sep   Launched
1968    05 Jan    Sea Trials 
            08 Jan    Arrived Rotterdam for Drydocking (too big for Cork)
           19 Jan     Handed over to ISL from Verolme United Shipyards
                           (Capt B. Reilly)          
           20 Jan     Commenced maiden voyage to Pepel, Sierra Leone
           04  May ~ 03 July    Car Decks fitted at Blohm & Voss shipyard Hamburg
1979   08 Mar    Sold, after drydocking at Wilton in Rotterdam, by ISL,
                          (Capt. W.D. Garvey). Renamed "Pelopiadas" 

Total cargo carried by Irish Elm while owned by ISL was 1,467,708 tonnes.
This tonnage includes 127,687 automobiles carried during that period.
She did have the distinction of being the largest LoLo car carrier in the world when she entered service.

Irish Cedar alongside on lay-by to drydock.



Irish Elm 1 and 2 and ships model by maritime artist
Brian Cleare.

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November 2015.
Irish Elm 1970
Liam Gavin
(February 2014)

Irish Elm 1970 Boat drill under supervision of 3rd Officer Jim Ryder.

Irish Elm 1970 Left to right: Deck Cadet Liam Gavin and 2nd Officer Fergal Henderson

Irish Elm 1970 Left to Right: Eng Cadet Eric Kealy and 3rd Engineer Pat Collins holding on top Deck Cadet Liam Gavin.
Irish Elm 1978
Japan and South America
Brian Lattimore
(October 2012)
Passing through the
Panama canal 1978
Hiroshima Peace Gardens
Brian Lattimore's 21st.
Irish Elm 1978


Irish Elm 1969/70
(Richard Saunders2012)
  In the Mersey 1960s Irish Elm and Irish Rose
Dublin 1961
Panama canal 1969 Panama canal 1969
Philip Hawkins Loading cars in Japan 1969   Timmy Rafter, Richard Saunders  


      Irish Elm
Panama Canal 1974
Sean O'Byrne
Irish Elm 1977-78

Photos from Gary Sheehan
April 2007


My trip on the "Irish Elm" in 1970 by Charlie McCurdy

At the time I was a Deck Cadet with Ocean Fleets (Blue Funnel and Elder Dempster Lines) and was transferred to Irish Shipping in an exchange scheme between the two companies. I must admit it was one of the most enjoyable trips of my sea going career. Happy days.!

For your information the voyage commenced in Antwerp on the 22nd March 1970 and finished again in Antwerp on the 8th July 1970. As you can see from the photographs we crossed the Atlantic with a full cargo of continental vehicles for the U.S.A. including a deck cargo of U.S. Army wagons.

The army wagons and a couple of hatches of cars were discharged in Savannah, and the remainder of the cars discharged in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Using the empty hatches that were discharged in Savannah we loaded a part cargo of phosphate in Tampa for Chinhae in South Korea.

After Korea we loaded a full cargo of Japanese cars for Europe in Nagoya and Yokosuka. Our voyage was as follows. Outward :- Antwerp, Savannah, Tampa, Panama Canal, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chinhae in South Korea. Homeward :- Nagoya, Yokosuka, Panama Canal, Amsterdam, Drammen in Norway, Aarhus in Denmark, Bremmerhaven and Antwerp.

All photos ©Charlie McCurdy-- January 2009

Crew list
Irish Elm 1974 
Photos from John Garvey.
(Additional info from Phil Smyth-Feb.2014)

2nd Mate Cyril Twomey and Engineer Phil Smyth check liner Irish Elm 1974

2nd mate Cyril Twomey shoots the sun Irish Elm 1974

Competition night officers bar Irish Elm 1974


ER Control room Irish Elm 1974

  ME Fuel pumps Irish Elm 1974
C.McCURDY & D.HOPKINS   1969 1969 D.O'ROURKE & M.O'SULLIVAN   Elm on the suze canal on the 28th of june 1976.
Joseph (Tiny) Lynch

Gaillard Cut, Panama canal 
June 1970
Irish Elm Passing through Panama Canal 
on way to Amsterdam from Japan.Richard Saunders




early '60s aboard IRISH ELM  Standing 1st. trip app.  Wearing white cap is Boscoe Edwards  from Bill Heffernan Passage East then Bill Gunnip from Cheekpoint Co. Waterford and "Chippy" Cahil  from Dublin.

This is the "IRISH ELM" early 60's (the sweepstakes runner) On the hatch cover is Michael from Passage
East, sitting from left P. O'Gorman, Charlie Dowling,Joe Duff ? and a lad from Dublin area. 
info from "Lamptrimmer"


Eileen Roberts 21st. birthday March 10th. 1974
T.Savouy,P.Fox, P.Foley,
T.Cummins, W.Rokents,
Eileen Roberts.

Photo from Willie Roberts

Ronnie Dunne heads home fron the Elm 
New Jersey June 1974

Photo from Phil Smyth.







Irish Elm passing Irish Rowan 1979.

Pat O'Halloran here. "I was Chief Engineer on the Irish elm when the photo of her at sea  was taken. The year was 1979 and the Elm was on her way to Rotterdam drydock to be handed over to the Greeks, two of whom where on board at the time. We were enroute from Fredricia in Denmark having unloaded a cargo from New Orleans I think but definitely the Gulf Of Mexico and it was early 1979."

Pat O'Halloran

Irish Elm- Pat Collins, Jimmy Geary, Frank Mullin 1970.

Erc Kealy




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