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  IRISH CEDAR 1943-45 IRISH CEDAR(2) 1949-59 IRISH CEDAR(3)1962-76. IRISH CEDAR(4)1977-84.  


Irish Cedar 1983/4.
The first picture, is of my son Ian O Shea aged 6 months in May '83 on board the Irish Cedar.
The second two photo's are of Ian, now aged 2 in October '84 also on board the Irish Cedar. (Note: the same sunglasses).
At age 2, Ian had more sea time than some of the new deckhands on that trip.
Richard O Shea
ex 2nd Officer


Irish Cedar soccer team at Tocopilla, Chile
Jan- Feb 1975.
The team was made up in a hurry and we played the local factory champions in their own ground and the final score was 5-2 to them.

Phil Smyth Nov.2015

back row
L to R 
Sean O,Byrne  Jack Bulter  Paul Clarke  Mick Mc Aneny  Mick Keogh  Frank Galvin Paddy Mc Glade
front row
L to R 
Padraig Caffery  Maurice Kidney G Mc Guinness D Coomes H MC Clenahan Phil Smyth
Irish Cedar at Tampa Florida
St Patrick's Day 1975>>>

I came across this photo taken by Dave Knott at Tampa Florida 
L to R Mick O' Gorman (MOG) Noel Duffy (Tractor) Phil Smyth and Padraig Caffery.

Phil Smyth Nov.2015

Engineers on Irish Cedar Oct. 1966. taken by M.Dillon.>>>>
Left to Right:-
J.Johnson ,  D.Menzies,   M.O'Sullivan,   J.Dunn,    J.Carroll,   O.Prunty,   T.Nolan,   S.McGuinness,  L.Willis. 

I think we were on our way from Liverpool to The Great Lakes.
Owen Prunty
(April 2014)
  Irish  Cedar crew wanting to fly out. September 1970.
John Campion in orange jumper at back.

John Campion
February 2014


Irish Cedar 1974-77
Tom Fitzgerald
(February 2013)
Irish Cedar, Townsville Australia .
St Patricks Day 1977
Irish Cedar 1979
Willie Richardson
(November 2012)


Irish Cedar 1978/9
Charlie Kiernan
Names and dates on photos
(November 2012)
King Neptune Demands! 
Crossing the line 1979


Irish Cedar 1984-85

(October 2012)
Irish Cedar 1979
Brian Lattimore
(October 2012)
  The Irish Cedar as the `Mighty`, inward bound at Gravesend for Tate & Lyle Sugar Refinery at Silvertown, London, in August 2003.>>>

©David Burns 2003

©David Burns 2003
I piloted her on the way out and she was looking her age but seemed well maintained all the same. Memories of herself and the Rowan came flooding back on the way down the river.
 John Sheridan - May 2012
Irish Cedar
Richard Saunders
(April 2012)
  Richard Saunders at anchor off Cobh 1969 Mick Boudioukas
(The Irish Greek!)
Henry Kent, Blackie Healey   P.Duffy, R.Saunders,Ano, H.Kent
Dublin to North Arfica


Irish Cedar 1980s
(Kevin Burke 2012)
At anchor off Shanghai>>>

Shore Leave

In the Suez Canal>>>
Heavy seas
Irish Maple coming up on Irish Cedar after being sold.>>>
  Kevin Burke   Sean Doyle, Paddy Boyd Joe O'Brien  

Irish Maple
Irish Cedar 1983
Photos from Austin Gill
(Jan. 2012)
Irish Cedar 1974-5
North Atlantic and South America
Sean O'Byrne
(August 2011)

Irish Cedar 1974

Irish Cedar 1975 North Atlantic

Irish Cedar 1975 North Atlantic

Irish Cedar 1975 North Atlantic

Irish Cedar 1975 North Atlantic

Irish Cedar crew
Chile 1975

Irish Cedar Fishing Vessel Gigi rescued off Ecuador Feb 1975

Irish Cedar Gulf of St Lawrence April 1975.

Irish Cedar Gulf of St Lawerence April 1975.

Irish Cedar off Chile 1975 Greg Murphy AB Sean O Byrne 3rd Mate

Irish Cedar off Chile 1975

Irish Cedar Nov 1974 Gerry Moynihan 2nd Mate Sean O Byrne 3rd Mate.



George Humphries
in the first photo ship with red cranes is Irish Cedar leaving drydock Shemonesiki in Japan when she & Irish Rowan were built this was Christmas 1978,then the man sitting on he bits out aft he is Kevin Mahar he was the bosun on the Cedar the two guys sitting aft one with his head turned this is the chief/cook Paddy Codd & Charlie Kiernan galley /boy the three standing out on deck are myself 2nd /cook GPS Shane Connolly & philip Southam AKA (Stretch) then the other photo on the poop deck is Tom Fitzgerald & stretch the guy sitting on the poop is myself

George Humphries 2011



Irish Cedar in dry dock 1982 and an engine overhaul June 1981
Photos from Sean Larkin. 


1973 C.Fullam 1977 1969 1969 1980
John Cooney 1977 Liam Malony 1974 RAY DONOHUE 1970 

Irish Cedar discharging in Algiers on Christmas Day 1979 -Capt. Paul Reid,

Irish Cedar in Philadelphia 1981-Capt. Paul Reid,


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