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The location was Turavuori, Finland. The date March 1960 (I don't have the exact day). As best as I can make out the three persons are, from left to right, Paddy Foley, myself and Jimmy Gorman. If I have made a mistake with Paddy Foley, then it is George Elliott. The four of us were out on the ice that morning (or afternoon?). I am pretty certain it is Jimmy Gorman on the right.

I myself was with Irish Shipping from December 1957 to January 1962, first as apprentice then finishing as AB. My nickname in those days was "Clem". I served in the Poplar, Blackthorn, Maple, Larch and Pine.  I haven't been in touch with any of my ex-shipmates for years so was very happy to find your site on the web. re the Irish Pine 1963 photos, I was amazed to see Jimmy Goucher as I first sailed with him in December 1957 and thought he was ready for retirement then! He was a tough old bird and I have fond memories of him!

Tony Clements 

Photo -Lamptrimmer

Tony Clements

Picking up the pilot from the icepack! March 1960, Baltic Sea, bound Finland.

Paddy Foley, Tony Clements and Jimmy Gorman  

l to r): Jimmy Coady (Apprentice), Ned Kelly (Chippy), Jim Clinton (Chief Steward)
March 1960, Tupavuori, Finland.

*(left to right) Eddy Doyle (nickname Ackerbilk), Tony Clements or Coady ?, Billy Fitzgerald from Cobh
Info from Frank Kirwan
August 2013.

(l to r): Tony (“Clem”) Clements, unknown (an engineer?), Jimmy Gorman, unknown, unknown.
August 1959, Magnisi, Sicily.

*( second from the left is Micheal Downes from Limerick. ) Info from  Frank Kirwan August 2013.



(l to r): Valentino (“Teddy”) Bär, Egyptian photographer with ancient camera, Phil Doyle
16 February 1960, Port Said, Egypt, bound Bandar Ma’Shur.

l to r): Jose Días (Galley Boy), Tony (“Clem”) Clements (Apprentice). 
March 1960, Baltic Sea, bound Finland

(l to r): Tony (“Clem”) Clements (Apprentice), Captain (“Gerra”) Blaney (Master), Jimmy Coady (Apprentice).
March 1960, At Sea, bound Finland.




Result from ancient camera!

back row: Jimmy Coady, Tony (“Clem”) Clements, Inge Cohen, Paddy Pidgeon, Tom Finnin, Peter Hynes, George Elliot, Phil Doyle
front row: Alfie L’Estrange, Jimmy (“Bags of Brass”) Griffith, Valentino (“Teddy”) Bär, Paddy Foley.

16 February 1960, Port Said, Egypt, bound Bandar Ma’Shur



1963/4 from Michael Mills
In memory of my good friend and shipmate Vincent McEvitt
Dermot Greene ( Acre ) 
-Irish Blackthorn 1962 taken by George Elliott


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