Irish Ships and Shipping

East Coast Shipping

Shipping around the East Coast fishing communities and villages of Howth, Rush, Skerries, Balbriggan, Loughshinny and Drogheda.

Photos from ©Carl Ford and ©Noel Fynes

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Howth Harbour
Noel Fynes
Co.Rush Men.
All these seamen from Rush
(including my Grandfather Joe Smyth)
 were captured in various Ports around Europe in WW1.
They were held prisoner in Ruhleben camp in Germany.
Most of them sailed with Palgrave Murphys.

©Noel Fynes
March 2014

J.Lenoard--Sappho (Bristol Steam
Mater Dei-(DA 66) Skerries
©Noel Fynes
March 2014
Mater Dei-(DA 66)
At sea 2007
©Noel Fynes
March 2014
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Dredging for Mussels

The following photos were all taken in the early 1990s at Mornington and the mouth of the river Boyne .

The mussels were dredged by hand on small punts at low tide and left in sacks to be covered by the tide until they was sold. This seems to now be a thing of the past as a lot of the old punts now lie derelict on the banks of the river.

All Photos ©Carl Ford 2009


This photo of the Kingfisher were taken by my wife Sally from the harbour wall as we was heading for Loughshinny I was steering and Johnny Fanning is behind the wheel house. We had been fishing near the Rock-a-Bill lighthouse where the weather and sea conditions was much worse than can be seen along the shore line Concert trader passing the mussel boats at the mouth of the river Boyne Dec.1993.jpg An Irish Helicopters Bolkow 105 lifts off from Loughshinny car park with components for the new solar panels being installed on the Rock-a-Bill lighthouse 24th Feb. 2006. ©Carl Ford 2009 ©Carl Ford 2009
BG Antwerp Dublin Port 30th June 2005 ©Carl Ford 2009 ©Carl Ford 2009 Cemsky sits on its berth on the Liffey 22nd Oct. 2007.JPG Lambay Island
Europe aquarius ©Carl Ford 2009 Dublin port-June 1976. Dublin port-June 1976.
Granuaile I 1997 both shots were taken at the Rock-a-Bill lighthouse it was pumping on Diesel oil and bringing other supplies.jpg ©Carl Ford 2009 Granuaile II where taken at the Rock-a-Bill lighthouse in summer 2002 it was pumping on diesel for the lamp generators 2. ©Carl Ford 2009 Granuaile II on 28th Aug 2007 heading north between Rock-a-Bill and Lambay islands.jpg
lysfoss. M915 4th may 2005 it was heading north inside Lambay. Mike heads up the river to its berth 22nd Oct 2007.    
P.23 Ashling patrolling an area between Rock-a-Bill and Clogherhead and 10 mile out to sea for live firing in the Gormanston area 22-9-07 ©Carl Ford 2009 Passing the Rock-a-Bill at sunrise on a cold grey morning 7th Dec. 2005.. ©Carl Ford 2009 Rock-a-Bill whilst passing by on an unusually calm day 12th July 2007.
RR Arrow, Dublin Port 22ndnOct 2007.JPG Sammy at the rock, one of the seals that come to us for a feed, we've known him for around 15 years now. Taken May 1999..jpg sealight & pilot.jpg ©Carl Ford 2009 Stena Adventurer backing out of its berth bound for Holyhead on 30th June 2005.jpg
The Ballywalter whilst loading coal at Ayr in Scotland in Oct 1975. The Cladonia heads out of the Boyne at Mornington, and with the Drogheda pilot alongside. circa 1994. ©Carl Ford 2009 The Drogheda dredger enters the river Boyne April 1993. The Drogheda pilot boat heading up the Boyne Jan.1994.
The Granuaile II tows the Coningbeg lightship past the Rock-a-Bill lighthouse heading north 27th Feb. 2007. The Isle of Inissfree was taken approaching its berth at Dublin Port in 1993. The Leinster is approaching Holyhead with the Holyhead Aluminium factory chimney in the back ground. I think this photo was taken circa 1981. The Leszek G passing the mussel boats at Mornington Jan.1994 The Lindarosa waits to leave its berth at Dublin port 30th June 2005.
The Lysfoss at Drogheda April 1993. The Samskip Pioneer is the nearest boat in a line up of container ships on the Liffey 22nd Oct. 2007 The Tuskar Rock at Drogheda 1990. Ttaken from the lamp balcony looking down towards the harbour on the 15th May 2005..jpg Warfleth heads out of the river Boyne April 1993.
Warfleth heads out of the river Boyne April 1993. B-747 Skerries lifeboat of Lough shinny 27-8-06. Crab boat DK72 Kingfisher hauling pots 13-10-07. Crab boat DK72 Kingfisher hauling pots 28-9-05. DA34 Pere Charles
DA64 fishing for razors of Loughshinny with the Skerries life boat going alongside 24-9-07 Dd568. Skerries 1993. G564 Heading for Howth 15-7-07. golden harvest s2. golden harvest s2
Loop Head Lighthouse May 1994. Loughshinny crab boat D622 Girl Alex was taken from the Rock-a-Bill lamp balcony 1992. Mary Lorraine at Skerries with lots of inquisitive tourists, early 1990s. one of the old Loughshinny crab boats. razor boat north of Lambay 10-10-07.
Sancta Maria taken at Skerries 11-3-05. Shrimp boat DA60 Atlanta II at sea 10-10-07. Skerries 1990s. Skerries 1990s. Skerries 1990s.

©Carl Ford 2009


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