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Ships of Dublin Bay and Port 2013

All photos ©Robbie Cox

Dun-Laoghaire port.

The Harbour/port is situated 4 miles south from Dublin port. It was built between 1817 and 1842 and it is widely recognised as one of the finest artificial harbours in the world. It is also one of Irelands busiest marine leisure and ferry ports as well as being the main port of operation for the Irish Lights Service. It has held World, European, National and many international sailing events in and around the harbour.

Wilson Goole on her approach to Dun-Laoghaire harbour.
Wilson Goole 24-9-14 Wilson Goole 24-9-14 East Pier
Irish Lights Depot
Customs cutter Faire 8-9-14 Arcadia 8-9-14 Arcadia 8-9-14 Arcadia & Faire 8-9-14. Molly Ban 8-9-14 Molly Ban 8-9-14
Wind surf. 
Leaving Dun Laoghaire harbour and sailing into Dublin Bay.
 18th. July 2013
 ©Robbie Cox 2013
RNLI AT Dun-Laoghaire.
21st April 2013
Anna Livia 14-05. Daniel L Gibson 17-38. John Neville Taylor 14-35. Windsor Runner 14-06
East Pier West Pier Irish Lights Depot Irish Lights Depot Irish Customs Cutter Faire
Dublin Bay Cruises ship.
St Bridget



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