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  A 3 minute video of the M.V. Innisfallen in Swansea and Cork.
The M.V. Leinster in Trafalgar dock Liverpool and at Dublin ferry terminal.
The M.V. Munster and the M.V. Leinster passing at sea.

All 1970s.

B+I SHIPS 1970s.wmv

3 minutes (47MB)
The following Videos are by Colm Fynes (Former 2nd Engineer B+I )

Visit Colm's page at

MV Leinster January 1986.avi

12 minutes (72MB)

MV Leinster Janurary 1989.avi

16 minutes (108MB)
In 1991 the MV. Kilkenny sank after a collision in Dublin bay with the
M.V. Hasselwerder
 3 seamen lost their lives that night.
The following video is
 Colm's tribute to them.>>>

MV Kilkenny April 1986.avi

15 minutes (98MB)
For a number of years during the 1970s the crew of the B+I Passenger ships would hold a Christmas party for various children's homes from around the city.
This 10min. video from Maurice Ward shows some of them with the crew aboard the M.V. Munster in 1970,71' and 72' 
©Maurice Ward 2011

Munster Christmas partys 1970-2.wmv


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