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B+I Line Reunion 2011

Organised by Maurice Ward and Noel (Logsie) Byrne a reunion of B+I Line crew from the 1970's and 1980's took place on the 5th.November 2011 in the Clifton Court Hotel, Eden Quay Dublin.

Click on photos for names:

  Noel Byrne, John Kelly C.Flood., S.Keogh Davy Brown, B.(Scorch)Byrne, Brendan Duffy. Ann Byrne Eddie Meade, John Carroll Catherine Flood, Tina Johnson
    Helen (Brazil) Fagan, M.O'Brien Joan McCain, Joe Beggs John Kelly, Joan McCain Laura Constantine, Catherine Flood. M.Beggs, E.Kelly, Joe Beggs
M.Duffy, N.O'Toole Maureen Duffy, Carol Byrne, Sandra.Keogh Maurice Ward, Scorch Byrne M.O'Brien, S.Fagan Mick O'Brien   Helen Fagan, Sean Fagan, Joan McCain
      Nicky O'Toole, Johnny Carroll N.Byrne. N.O'Toole, B.Duffy    
  Brendan Byrne, Eddie Meade          
Paddy Croft, Paul Smith. Tommy Tully, Eddie Smith   Laura Constantine, Maurice Ward.   Joan McCain, Paddy Croft, Paul Smith. Tommy Tully, Eddie Smith    
Paddy Croft Roger, Ann Byrne Scorch Byrne, Tony Fitzmaurice, Dermot Fury T.Tully,E.Smith


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