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Annual Dry Docks

France 1999 Southampton 2002 Falmouth 2003 Liverpool 2004 Belfast 2005
    Belfast 2007 Liverpool 2006 Belfast 2008    


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Isle of Inishmore Dry Dock, France 17th. February 1999

Photos© Aiden McCabe 2000

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M.v.Ulysses Dry Dock Southampton 2002

Photos© Aiden McCabe 2002

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M. v. Ulysses Dry Dock, Falmouth 2003

All photos © Derry Walsh, Aiden McCabe, Andy Campbell.

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M.v. Ulysses and Jonathan Swift Dry Dock, Liverpool 2004

Photos© Derry Walsh, Aiden McCabe 2004

Ship Officers
Also in the dry dock one up:
the Swift.

Ship Engineers
Video >>>>
MV Ulysses dry dock
2004 P1.wmv

MV Ulysses dry dock 2004 --- Part 2.wmv
In the same dock as the Swift, the Mersey ferry Royal Daffodil.
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Belfast, Harland & Wolffe 2005

All Photos and Video ©Aiden McCabe, Derry Walsh 2005

Irish Ferries Belfast 2005.wmv

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M.V. Ulysses, Liverpool 2006

    Video and Stills >>
dry dock 2006
©Aiden McCabe

Ulysses dry dock 2006.wmv

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Belfast 2007

  Video and Stills >>>>>
M. V. Inishmore and the Jonathan Swift in 
H & W dry-dock January 2007
Video and Stills
©Derry Walsh 2007

HW Drydock 2007.wmv
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Isle of Inishmore dry docks Belfast, Harland & Wolffe 2008
All photos ©Derry Walsh




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